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princesses grow up... eventually

30 at The Mermaid Inn! $12 in_edited.jpg

There's a story of my life somewhere
I wish that I could find it
One time I think I dreamt it
But I didn't write it down

Daisy Royce- A Princess in Millennial Clothing

Daisy Royce is a Philadelphia-based singer, songwriter, dreamer, and truth-teller with the voice of a Disney Princess, and honest lyrics reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves. Her genre tows the line between musical theatre and folk, with a strong emphasis on story-telling.  With a five-piece band, she has played at a host of Philadelphia venues including The Mermaid Inn, Bourban and Branch, Connie’s Ric Rac, The Rusty Nail, Acadia, and The Paris Bistro.   “It’s both altogether spellbinding and carries the weight of the whole world,” wrote Jason Scott of music blog B-Sides and Badlands.  Daisy just released her first album, Series of 2-Week Love Stories. She  is working on a stage show of the album that will be featured in the Philadelphia Fringe festival!

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