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Series of 2-Week Love Stories Album

Highlight Zine

Series of 2-Week Love Stories is more than just a record for Royce; it’s a dream and it shows with her tenacity through each track. A journey through her twenties, the track of the namesake is Royce’s favorite song. A reminder of how being strong and “kind of badass” music can make someone feel.



B-sides and Badlands

Failure can bruise your head. It can be easy to succumb to such injuries and forget the beauty that’s still swirling around you. Theatrical pop storyteller and blog favorite Daisy Royce gathers her wits about her and toasts to the good she finds tucked away in the bad. “Champagne” is bubbly to the touch, predominantly pinned with acoustics and strings, which allows Royce to swim in a sea of lush and enveloping imagery. “I used to wish to just be pretty / So my heart skips if anybody looks when I look in the room,” she rends her heart, cooing between the gap. Her melancholy quickly bursts into a glistening, glowing yellow brick road, as she gallops off into the rose-tinted sunset. And we should follow. It’s our duty.

Power Chord

Champagne Video

Vents Magazine

Taking cues of the likes of early Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini, Daisy Royce is back with her beautiful visuals for the catchy Country song filled with great vocal harmonies and melodies that walk the thin line between the old and modern.


Series of Two-Week Love Stories

B-sides and Badlands

Your 20s are a time of trial and error, and perhaps falling flat on your face. From growing your professional sphere to finding love in a sea of weedy romance, it’s like Alice in Wonderland but without any kind of magic. Theatrical folk-pop starlet Daisy Royce ponders her many 20-something daliances as she searches for truth and what exactly went wrong. “Series of Two-Week Love Stories” exudes Royce’s reliably stick cinematic charm, harkening to the Disney renaissance to wondrous, dazzling effect. But through stardust clouds of strings and drums, she unpacks a heavy lyric about dating the wrong men. “There’s a story of my life somewhere / I wish that I could find it / One time, I think I dreamt it / But I didn’t right it down,” she flutters from the present back into the troubled, buried past. Does she find any sense of truth? Well, you’ll just have to find out.


Series of Two-Week Love Stories

Le FutureWave

Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Daisy Royce is back with her new single Series of Two-Week Love Stories, a track which sounds amazing. I adore the sublime vocals and sweet melodies. Beside, the warm textures are wonderful!

Music Mass

Daisy Buchanan

B-Sides and Badlands

Fabled love as you’ll find in such storybooks as The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s evokes a sense of intoxicating whimsy, if even a bit naive. Fixtures of popular culture through the decades, these fantastical extravaganzas allow Philadelphia folk singer and songwriter Daisy Royce ample material to explore, to play, to search for her own narrative within the yellowed pages. With the aptly-titled, humorously-performed “Daisy Buchanan,” a flighty, carousel tune that injects a heavy, welcome dose of stage drama, Royce glides through the annals of time with a rose-tinted framework. “Our love felt like a storybook / So like a story, it goes on a shelf,” she sings through tasty morsels of tinny ukulele. Often dubbed worthy for a Disney princess, Royce’s voice is primed for the Broadway stage or well-suited for such silver screen notions as the Amy Adams-starring Enchanted. It’s both altogether spellbinding and carries the weight of the whole world.

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